Monday, September 3, 2012


Work is a good habit. It is productive. It is ego boosting. It completes tasks. It is a promised part of life.

The Bible notes, no worky, no eaty!

Well, that is not exactly how it reads, but it does say that if one is not willing to work then they should not eat by handouts . How is that for eliminating the need for welfare. I know that there are times when people need a helping hand, but there is a huge difference from a hand out and a helping hand.

My first small tasks were making my bed, putting clothes in the clothes hamper, and washing cars. That progressed to cutting the yard, cleaning the church, and working as a deliveryman for a furniture company. I have worked on construction sites, washing dishes at the college cafeteria, serving as a librarian, working in the credit department at Sears, as a youth intern, youth pastor, school teacher, pastor, traveling evangelist, denominational leader, and probably some other jobs too.

I will admit I have worked for pay. The workman is worthy of his hire the Bible teaches. I have also worked to follow what I have felt God was calling me to do regardless of pay. I still have vision, desire, and burden to preach and lead a church. That is my calling.

Completed tasks make for a good feeling. Completed tasks make you feel productive and that you have personal value.

Wanda has a "to do" list on her IPad for me that automatically carries over into my IPad and IPhone. These are household items or her "Honey Do" list. There are several items on that list right now, but I have completed some of the tasks that she has for me. Of course there are many tasks that we share that are not on the list.

I created a "To Do" list on my IPad that goes to her's. It is titled "Wanda's To Do List". Want to know what is on it? Just one "To Do" item. It simply says: Keep a Smile on Milton's Face. Ha!

Work is what life is all about. That is the nature of life. There will always be work to do. It's Labor Day, so let's celebrate the day and the privilege and ability to work.

I've got a smile on my face. How about you?

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