Monday, September 17, 2012


Someone has to listen for communication to happen. There is more to sharing than just talking. It helps to listen. Sometimes I don't do a very good job of listening. I am a preacher by calling which makes me inclined to proclaim, or preach, or teach, or talk. Preachers can talk and talk and talk.

Listening requires focus, patience, and a good measure of care. Listening puts more attention on the other party and what they consider as important. Their words become the center of attention, not yours. That raises the level of consideration and value of the other.

Love listens. It places higher importance on what is on the other's mind.

God is love and He listens.

Why don't men listen very good?

We are easily distracted. We don't multi-task very well. We need to raise the level of love. We must realize that what is important to our mate must be important to us.

Something funny happened as I started writing this blog. Wanda asked me a question and needed my attention. I listened some, but she had to repeat. She then asked me what I was writing. To be perfectly honest about it, I couldn't bring myself to tell her that I was writing on my very failure at the exact moment she was talking. I wasn't listening very well.


What did I do?

I closed the computer and listened until we had clearly communicated. She talked. I listened. I understood. I got it. Clear communication took place. That is important.

Now, here is another take a way. Pause in your prayer life. Don't talk. Focus. Wait. Be patient. God will speak. You will hear. Communication will take place. Prayer is more than asking. The better part is the listening part.

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