Monday, September 10, 2012


Well it is football season in full swing. Alabama is #1, but the Jags are losing again already. They had victory snatched by the jaws of defeat. With 20 seconds left in regulation, they went up by 3 points with a miraculous pass for a touchdown only to let the opposing team (The Vikings) tie it and then win it in overtime.


What a bummer!

I danced a premature jig when they went up by 3 and then slumped in sadness when they lost in overtime.

It was a missed opportunity.

Everbank, one of their sponsors, has a commercial they have planned far too many times about missed opportunities. It features a TV exec who laughs at a proposal for a channel for music. He laughs and says, "Why not a weather channel or food channel or sports channel?" Of course all of those channels are big time now. That was a missed opportunity by the exec.

Yes, the Jags missed one big opportunity, but there are far larger missed opportunities in life than losing a football game.

Like missing the chance to offer a good word.
Or forgiving someone.
Or doing a good deed.
Or praying for someone.
Or sharing the Gospel.

I wonder how many missed opportunities I have had. God help me to be more sensitive to His voice and the needs of others.

And God help the Jags. They really need it.

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