Wednesday, September 19, 2012


Taking a dare has consequences if you follow through with the dare. A double-dogged dare has even more serious consequences. Have you ever taken a dare. Now remember when you were a kid. We all uttered dares or took others up on dares when we were small.

Little boys were the worst. We'd double-dog dare someone to a race, or fight, or fool-hearty feat. Sometimes the dares had serious results. That isn't good.

Today I dare you to find someone who is totally unsuspecting and do a selfless, act of love. Give them an unsolicited compliment. Do a good turn for someone who cannot and will not ever repay it. Offer smiles everywhere you go.

I dare you!

Maybe we should have a "National Good Dare Day". I certainly think our politictians could use a Nations Good Dare Day. We'd be a better Nation for it.

I dare to give five compliments to a loved one who is down.
I dare you to befriend a neighbor in need.
I dare you to open doors for others today.
I dare you to pay a bill for someone in need.
I dare you to volunteer for a new task at your church.
I dare you to tell a joke to someone who needs a laugh.
I dare you shut your mouth before any unkind word comes out.
I dare you to ask God for guidance in doing His will today.

I double-dog dare you!

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