Friday, August 31, 2012


I have been amazed in the Bible how God is so clear about His evaluation of leaders and those who ruled over Israel. Over and over, the various Kings of Israel who sinned and did wrong were described as wicked and ungodly. Their sins brought harsh judgement on the people. God doesn't mince words when describing wicked and ungodly leaders.

That word "wicked" is a strong word to describe anyone, yet that is the word God used concerning many of the rulers over Israel. It means evil or morally wrong, vile. corrupt, or iniquitous. Those are clear, condemning, and concise. They describe many of our leaders today.

How quickly the slide of sin moves. It starts so very slow without hardly a notice and continues until there is no way to stop the ever fast rolling snowball, exempt one.

That is to repent, plead for the covering of the Blood of Jesus, and turn from the backsliding of sin. I am praying daily for the Lord to bring our Nation, people, and leaders to repentance and to honor God again in our Country.

Sin is a reproach to any people the Bible notes. Righteousness exalts a people. Only by repentance can we see the harm and judgement of sin removed. I am further praying that God will remove leaders who give false lip service to believing in Him but whose hearts are far from Him.

Our Nation is at a crossroads of crisis. Unless wicked leaders are removed, the sting of sin will bring more harm. Judgement will come. The aftermath will be severe. The wage of sin is always death.

May God call our Nation to repentance and Churches to true revival. May there be a return to holiness of the heart and home. May God have mercy on us and forgive us of our sins.

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