Wednesday, September 12, 2012


Wanda and I were headed to church early  this past Saturday for a special work day. We left just in time to be on time, but got down the road when Wanda said she had brought two different shoes. She had gotten into the car wearing flip flops but was going to change into a pair of tennis shoes. The problem was she had hurriedly pick up two different shoes.

I thought silently, "Well, you could just wear them." But I didn't say it. I was quietly, silently aggravated.

Then she said, "I'd wear them, but they are both left footed shoes."

That broke the aggravation. We laughed hard. I turned around and rushed back to get a right foot shoe for her to wear. Then we headed to church to work. It was a great day.

Here is the deal. None of us are perfect, but we see the flaws of others clearer than we see our own flaws.

On Tuesday I headed for church and work and left my cell phone at home. That may sound small and simple, but here is the point. It was aggravating and hindered my work. I use the IPhone throughout the day because of all the info and data it contains.

Kindness and mercy is a good gift to give. It helps to laugh at life's little flub ups. They are inevitable for all of us. I am really glad my aggravation didn't show or even worse that I didn't say something really smart to Wanda about her tennis shoe flub up. It helps in life if we build up our grace account with others so that when we need some grace our account isn't overdrawn.

Real love doesn't get upset over two left shoes.

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