Friday, September 21, 2012


From my earliest remembrance, prayer has always been a part of my life. I remember praying to ask Christ into my life when I was between five or six years old. In fact that is one of my earliest memories of life. I have a few recollections of things that occurred in my life before that prayer, but they are very sketchy.

Prayer is huge. I mean we're talking about talking to God. You can't go any higher than God. When you think about that, then prayer takes another monumental leap.

I am learning more about how God wants to be involved in my life in little and big things. Nothing goes by without God taking notice. Even more than that is the incredible privilege of personal, private, one on one communication with the Supreme, Sovereign Creator of everything.

Through all these years my prayer time has included all manner of communication, at all hours, in so many varied places. Prayer should happen more than just on Sundays, or crisis moments, or times of need. God desires to have an on going dialogue.

I have found that God is an incredible listener. He listens, and listens, and listens. I am finding out that sometimes I need to be quieter in my prayer times and listen to Him. After all, who am I that He would listen to me so much. I know He cares and is more that interested, but I am learning more and more to listen. I need to hear what He has to say.

Oh, God, please help me today to listen and hear your voice and obey. Amen!

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