Friday, September 28, 2012


Forty days from today we will have a National Election that will determine our future and maybe even survival. We have a President who honors Muslims more than Christians. We have a President who supports partial birth abortions. We have a President who is opposed to traditional marriage as defined as being between a man and a women. We have a President that believes that the government has the right to take from one person and give it to another. We have a President who embraces Socialism over personal freedoms and rights. We have a President who does not support Israel.

This President needs to be replaced so we can survive as a Nation and as a Christian Nation.

I am choosing to turn off TV, Internet, Radio, Newspaper sources and spend that same amount of time in prayer believing God to intervene and give us godly leaders.

Righteousness exalts and Nation, but sin is a reproach.

This President has promoted sinful and wicked ways. He is an unholy deceiver. He should be characterized as the Bible characterized leaders in the Old Testament who walked unfaithfully as wicked leaders.

That is a strong characterization, but it is true.

II Chronicles 7:14 calls on us to pray for our Nation and as we repent of our sins then God will hear and heal our Land. That is our only hope.

I fear for my children and grandchildren, but I will turn my fear into faith and pray. God answers prayer and He still loves America. Please join me daily in praying for our Nation and this election. Only God can spare us the fate and consequences of wicked leaders.

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