Wednesday, September 26, 2012


The NFL Monday Night Football game ended with a sour play, especially for the Packers. The temporary Refs ruled that the Seahawk's player caught a touchdown pass on the last play of the game that gave them the win. It was a very close call and now a hotly disputed call that has made lots of people mad. The temporary referees are filling in for the regular refs who are locked out by the NFL owners due to a contract dispute.

Now everyone is hating the temporary refs and it is getting blown way out of proportion. The play was on the evening national news last night. Unbelievable! This is national news?

Now don't get me wrong. I love football. I really love Alabama football, but this is ridiculous.

It is only a game. This isn't life or death. Who in the world will care a hoot about this a year from now.

It was only a dumb football catch.

Life needs to be put into perspective. We need to pay attention to what really matters. So what matters?
Glad you asked.

1. God matters.
2. Being saved matters.
3. Family matters.
4. Lost ones being saved matters.
5. Friends matter.
6. Friends being saved matters.
7. A lost world matters.
8. A lost world being saved matters.

There are other priorities that that follow that are way above a dumb football catch, but those eight priorities are the top and bottom lines of life.

When Noah and his family got into the ark and the rains fell, obeying the Lord and believing in God mattered. Everyone else was lost.

So, how are you doing on what really matters?

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  1. Hi, Milton. Carl Westbrook here, Elizabeth's husband. I couldn't agree more. Your 8 priorities are the essentials of real life. However, let me play the role of an adversary for a moment. A game, you say!? Just a game!? How dare you! Don't you know that billions of dollar bills were exchanged through the WRONG hands on that play?! This is serious stuff! After all, even though we call this "just a game", many earn their livelihood from playing - whether it be the game itself or the "game" about the game. Unfortunately, the game of life doesn't seem to mean so much when our self-centered "priorities" are threatened. Well, keep up the good work! May GOD's richest blessings be yours in abundance!

    GOD bless! Carl Maranatha!