Wednesday, September 14, 2011


Life should be lived intentionally, with purpose, with a sense of direction. Aimless living leads to aimless lives. If you don't know what your shooting for, then you are sure to miss it every time. That is not a good way to get anywhere fast.

Here are five points on how to have a great day:

1. Invite God to walk with you.

2. Begin with a thankfulness and choose to be positive.

3. Eat the frog first. Do the worst task or thing you must do first, everything after that is downhill.

4. Be flexible. Interruptions are bound to happen. Just know adjustments are certain.

5. Good choices lead to good days.

6. At the end of the day, give the good, the bad, the ugly to God. God will take it all and work it together for good, if we love Him and are doing His will.

I once read a quote that goes, "There is nothing that can happen today, that with God's help, I can't handle."

Good days and bad days are bound to occur. I choose to be proactive and believe for a great day!

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