Wednesday, September 28, 2011


This Thursday, Sept. 29, I can officially file for Social Security. That doesn't seem possible. How did I get that old so quick? I won't be filing because I love what I do as a pastor and I am not ready to retire. I am re-fired and ready to preach the Word. I love what I do so filing for Social Security is not in the plan.

But I am getting older.

You may have heard another rumor. It is true.

Norma is as old as I am.

That's right. My little sister is my age.

I rib her a lot about that each year from the first part of August until the end of September. She just can't bear the fact that we're the same age for a month and a half, or at least the same numerical age. Teasing her is fun. Of course, she give it back to me when my birthday rolls around.

Birthdays are coming around faster every year for me. Whew! Here comes another one.

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