Wednesday, September 21, 2011


I know it is not Thanksgiving yet, but thanksgiving is not merely an annual event. It should be a moment by moment expression of our hearts. Thankfulness is the nutriment of positive living. It is soul food for the faithful.

In our staff meeting at church this week I took time for each staff member to go around the room and express in one sentence what they were thankful for in the lives of their fellow workers. When the time ended, there were smiles and a few tears of gratitude around the room. It was a faith building, love bonding moment. We all grew.

Some said to me, pastor I am thankful for you because:

1. you are steadfast.
2. you are my spiritual mentor.
3. you are here for us.
4. you are a good letter writer.

There were other comments, but I will tell you I felt better after that staff meeting. They all felt better too.

Don't wait to express to others why you are thankful to the Lord for them. Why not build them up today. Think on the positive values of others. Let God focus on their weaknesses. You help build up their strengths.

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