Friday, September 23, 2011


Bright, alive colors get my attention. I love reds and yellows and oranges, and greens and blues and all of the rainbow's hew. Colors capture my eyes view. They stimulate and inspire. They decorate and make for better connection.

Nature's colors really get my attention. I love the colors of Spring and Fall. The deep greens of Summer catch my attention too. Even the grays of Winter make for an interesting change, though not as glorious.

I suppose that is why I love flowers in our back yard. When I read the Word and pray and meditate, the beauty of God's glory shines. They proclaim His radiant life. The flowers show His handiwork. He is alive. He is real. He is active in my world.

That is why I love what Wanda does in making our backyard glow. Her mother is here now and they have added new flowers and plants and colors. The reds and yellows, and oranges and whites beam. They inspire and motivate.

I love it.

God created flowers, but loving hands place them in prominent places.

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