Monday, July 12, 2010


In just over 20 minutes from my house you can be strolling on the beach. Of course the Atlantic Ocean is East so there is no sunset, but the sunrises are glorious every morning and filled with new mercies. Wanda and I ride out every so often to enjoy the beach. Sometimes we ride "Big Red", but when we have guests we take a car.

What makes the beach a nice place to enjoy? Well for starters, it is cheap fun. In fact, except for the cost of gas it is free. Free is better than cheap!

It is God's creation. It is relaxing. The waves and the wind and surfers and fishermen and beach walkers are all part of the mix. We take a lite snack with water and cookies and chairs and a small cooler. No more than can be carried in one single trip without strain.

And then it is fun.

It becomes a no brainer. No deep thoughts. No worries. Not planning or problems or issues. It is just calm, peace, and glorious creation.

I like to take Wanda on dates with delicious food at a nice, fine restaurant. I know how to put on a romantic evening out. But what could be more enjoyable than a free late evening stroll on the beach?

Listening to the waves pushing in and out and watching kites, surfers, slow moving ships in the distant, and other beach walkers strolling too. That is the event.

Just a stroll. Just a stroll.


Oh, sometimes we take the kiddies for a stroll when they are in town. That's fun too.

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  1. Sounds wonderful. We live in the hills of beaches here, but we are blessed with Gods beauty as well. Take a stroll for me!