Wednesday, July 14, 2010


I have ridden elevators all my life. Some go slow. Others shake back and forth. Some zoom high and fast. The highest elevator I have ridden went to the 109 floor of the World Trade Center in New York City. Wow, did that one ever fly to the top. I have flown in airplanes that didn't get that high.

Monday as I was leaving the 5th floor of Memorial Hospital after visiting a sick church member, I entered an elevator punched the 1st floor button and waited. The door had shut, but nothing happened. I punched the button again and again. Finally the obvious took hold. I was stuck all by myself.

I banged on the doors. Then I found the alarm button and pushed it until someone yelled from the outside to find the phone and call for help. The phone was so low to the floor that I couldn't see it, but after pushing the one button the operator said they would send help.

After waiting 10-15 minutes with no one apparently doing anything, I called again. Waited another 10 minutes. Nothing.

Called again, and finally heard someone on the outside fooling with the door. Another 5 minutes went by and the door opened. The security guard and repair man said they wouldn't charge me more for my ride and I thanked them for that with a smile.

I was the only person on the elevator and it wasn't fun. I am not claustrophobic or it would have been scary. I sent a Facebook appeal for help. Got some funny responses and sincere concern. Amazing how we can communicate even from a stuck elevator.

No, there wasn't a door in the elevator ceiling to crawl out. No, there wasn't any elevator music. Yes, I did call on the elevator phone before sending a Facebook appeal.

Anyone else got any smart comments?

I took this picture myself. Not very good.

Glad all ended well.

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