Friday, July 16, 2010


Looking down on the River City, or The First Coast of Florida, is spectacular. The St Johns River flows through the heart of our city in a deceivingly slow manner. Actually I am told its
currents are deep and rather strong, but it is a beautiful Florida river. It is the only one in North America that runs from South to North. Starting way South in the Ft. Pierce area, the St. Johns is joined and feed by many springs and other small Florida creeks and rivers.

Tuesday for lunch, Wanda and I and two of the kiddies went to the Bank of America Skyline Cafe on the 42nd floor. Now that is way up in the air at almost airplane view. Wow! A helicopter flew by the window while we ate lunch. That is high.

What do you see that high up?

People look like specks. Boats are tiny dots. Large buildings shrink. Bridges take a different look. Hustle and bustle slows to a crawl. The river looks like still glass.

But I had another take while enjoying lunch with Wanda. I looked down over a good city yet with great need. I could feel hurt. Lost feelings. Question about future. Wonder about life. Uncertainty of heart.

The Skyline Cafe had a few businessmen, couples, personal assistants, young adults, and kiddies all enjoying the view with a tasteful lunch. It was a feeling of awe and grandeur yet mixed with personal curiosity. It was definitely unique.

I felt a need to pray for Jacksonville and its citizens and leaders and churches and families. I felt a burden of concern and care. I saw and felt spiritual need.

We will return for another visit. I may make it a prayer vigil.

Now aren't these kiddies something else? Yes they are!

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