Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Life is slow, boring, and aimless where there is no risk. I am not encouraging anyone to follow the path of blind, dumb danger, but everything moves with risk. We risk in driving our cars, investing our money, eating in restaurants, giving our love, and the list goes on.

Trust and risk are partners. They pull us into a new and better future filled with exciting opportunities, but there is danger there too.

Love has  a huge risk. It is released from our hearts with opportunity to bless or break us up. It can come crashing down on us with cruel harshness of broken hurt. But where there is no willing to venture and release love there can be no joy, fullness, or bliss.
Love is the fulfillment of life.

I have been hurt, wounded, and worn over and over through the years as love has gone out of my body. Disappointments, denial, and disrepect fuel the charge. Thankfully, I have not been hurt so much by spouse or family or friends for I have been blessed by those close. 

Love turned cold can hurt. It can left one breathless. It can wound deep and leave scars.

Here is the cure.

It is found in God's love. His love is pure, without limit, free, full of grace, and renewing of spirit. His love sets us free to trust and risk again. That is where the joy and peace of life finds highest measure.

So, risk love again. Fly high, go deep, broaden the scope.

Let His love heal.


That is what faith is. It is risk released without full assurance of return.

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