Friday, July 9, 2010


Did you know that there are seven pillars of wisdom? Yes, the Bible says so. Proverbs 9: 1, "Wisdom has built her house, she has hewn out her seven pillars."

Before I write further, did you note that Solomon put wisdom in the female gender? How so? Why? What does that say about men? I am not wise enough to answer those questions, but I am smart enough not to go there. Ha!

Solomon didn't list the seven pillars in order, but you can find them throughout his writings. They are:

1. The fear of the Lord. This is where wisdom begins.
2. Knowledge and understanding.
3. Seeking good counsel or advice.
4. Foresight.
5. Accepting Correction.
6. Self-discipline or self-control.
7. Developing and maintaining good relationships.

Now don't worry, I am not going to preach today, but I could on this subject. There is a sore need for wisdom in the land.

Tiger Woods was asked this week if his immoral actions were worth the loss of millions plus the loss of his family. He was speechless.

Here are some thoughts worth considering:

From The Handbook of Wisdom

If you don't have a Bible, GET ONE.
If you've got a Bible, READ IT.
If you read the Bible, BELIEVE IT.
If you believe the Bible, LIVE IT.

Here is a word of wisdom from my father: "Every tub has to sit on its own bottom."

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  1. Great words of Wisdom! Amen! One more saying, choose the type of 'bed' you want to lay in......cause you will the one to lay in it!