Monday, July 19, 2010


The Internet is a great way to connect with lost friends from past years. Whether through Facebook or Internet searches or other networking sources, I suspect most of us have connected with lost friends. I cannot tell you how many friends from childhood, college, and past ministry settings that I have been able to reestablish friendship. It has been great.

At the church I pastor there has been a re-connecting of friends from their previous Southside Church life in youth ministries area. This was a gathering of young people now older from the 70's and 80's.

Our youth program has had many different names through the years. Now is is called Refuge, but before that it was Powerhouse and before that Potter's Wheel. I don't know what it was before. Now I have an unwritten rule that any youth pastor has to stay with us 3 years before he can have the right to change the name. Ha!

On Friday night a group of the Potter's Wheel gang had a dinner gathering and then a worship and praise gathering in our youth hall on Saturday night. They had a great reunion and reconnected friendships. I joined them for the Saturday gathering and it was super. They told stories, sang old worship songs and rocked with their musicians of their era. It won't be long until they will be the "old" folks.

Reunions are always fun. Family reunions or high school or college or church homecomings. It is just a great time to get together with old friends.

I like that--old friends. They are the best.

The second picture is of me introducing Carlos Santiago to the group. Carlos is our worship leader and choir director. He is doing a fantastic job. A new generation takes the stage.

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