Monday, April 5, 2010


Our first year marriage anniversary came quickly. Zoom..... a year has passed and here we are.

It has been an amazingly, incredible year as we joined our hearts in love and faith. God brought us together. It is an arranged marriage in heaven. I knew God's will for us even before I knew I loved Wanda or whether she would love me, but the love happened suddenly and sweetly.

She helped me through grief and I have helped her through many new changes in life. Now we are stronger, wiser, and well. Love moves with a kind heart to help through the difficult places. The measure of love goes far deeper than emotions, feelings, and mood. It is wider than smiles, good times, and public show. It is higher than immediate chance, choice, or change. It is measured by the extension of self that cares more for the other than yourself. This is our love, a new love, a God sent love.
So what did we do to celebrate?

Rode "Big Red" to Jekyll Island, Ga.

Toured Jekyll Island and St. Simons Island.

Visited Brunswick, Ga. (Look close at the picture of the bridge. You can see Wanda through the left, front mirror of "Big Red" taking the picture as we approached crossing the Sidney Lanier Bridge going into Brunswick, Ga.)

Exchanged cards, gifts, and sweet words.

Watched two gorgeous sunrises, bicycled, and ate at nice restaurants.

I gave Wanda a Pandora Easter Charm and a diamond necklace.

She gave me wind chimes, chocolate, and a beautiful plant. Wanda also gave me this note when she gave me the plant. It reads:


As we celebrate our first anniversary I want you to know what a wonderful husband you are. You have blessed me so many ways during this past year and you have put joy back into my heart and showed me how to love again.

This plant is called "Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow". As you plant it, and each time you look at it, I want you to remember:

Yesterday - It seems like it was yesterday that you called me and our love began to grow for each other. God had already begun to work in you and then it was confirmed to me through God. Yesterday is gone, but my love for you continues to grow stronger day by day.

Today - Today we celebrate our First Anniversary as husband and wife. it has been an amazing year as we have helped each other through some difficult times. I knew God confirmed in my heart that I would be there to help you, but in return He blessed me through you. My love for you continues to grow day by day.

Tomorrow - Tomorrow is a new day as we begin our second year as husband and wife. I look forward to our love becoming even stronger during the next year. We have made memories of our own and I look forward as we grow more memories together day by day.

You are an incredible husband. I want you to know that I love you very much and I thank God for giving me such a wonderful gift when He gave me you. I look forward to spending the rest of my life with you.


I am a blessed man. God blessed me with Wanda.

Here is a brief video of parts of out trip riding
on "Big Red" with Wanda recording while we
ride as well as a video of bicycling and also
watching the sunrise.

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  1. Happy Anniversary! Such beautiful words Wanda has written to you.