Friday, April 2, 2010


Wanda and I will have been married a total of 70 years on Saturday, April 3.

Actually, we will be married just one year to each other. God brought us together in the most unusual manner. It is still an incredible story for me to realize how God brought us together. Quickly, suddenly the Lord spoke to me that Wanda would bless me and my children and that I would bless her and her children. God spoke that into my heart before we fell in love with each other.

All of this took both of us by surprise as God unfolded a new future us. In time God confirmed to Wanda His plans for us and there were a myriad of confirmations God used to further affirm His will for our lives through others.

Now our first year of marriage has passed as we have fallen more in love. God brought Wanda into my life as an amazing gift and blessing to me. Over and over, we have seen God's hand in our lives.

We have a common goal to glorify God with our gifts and talents. Our vision is increasing and becoming clearer. But most of all, God's love that He put within our hearts for each other is growing. Our marriage is not about the story as incredible as it is, but it is about His love for us and our love for each other.

To share love is a wonderful gift.

He has done new and exciting things in our lives. We are glad.

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