Friday, April 16, 2010


How ticked off are American voters?

An election in Tennessee on Tuesday may give a clue. A dead man won over the incumbent.

On Thursday the AP reported:

"A dead man has been elected mayor of Tracy City, Tenn.

Carl Robin Geary died suddenly a few weeks ago. But he received 268 votes anyway in Tuesday's nonpartisan election, beating out incumbent Barbara Brock with 85 votes in the two-candidate race.

An election administrator, Donna Basham, said Wednesday she wouldn't speculate on why Geary won posthumously but noted his death had been widely reported at the time in this corner of southeastern Tennessee.

She says the city council will now have to appoint a mayor to the four-year term.

Brock had been appointed mayor 16 months ago when the previous mayor died. She says she thought she had done a good job but added voters wanted a return to the past."


If a dead man can win an election, then maybe there is some hope that in the upcoming elections that there will be a return to sanity by voting for candidates who love God, America, and our children.

How mad do you have to be to vote for a dead man? It is galling and unbelievable that our politicians have sold our countries future to liberalism and socialism. Both Democrats and Republicans are at fault and sadly there is little to trust on either side of the isles of Congress.

I am praying daily for God's mercy on America. Could we have a few more dead men win elections in the future? Who knows? But dead men beat the live ones overwhelmingly. How so very sad.

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