Wednesday, April 28, 2010


I have a friend that many of you know who has a serious brain surgery scheduled for today. His name is Steve Lambert, senior pastor of Clearwater First Assembly of God. I have known Steve since I was 6 or 7 years old and our friendship has continued through college and all of our adult ministry.

Last week he had some form of seizure or fainting spell and an MRI showed spots on his brain. The doctors are doing exploratory surgery to take biopsies and remove whatever is there. Of course he and his family are obviously concerned while yet holding to great faith in a faithful and loving God. Steve is a mighty man of God with a strong, life-long commitment to Christ.

We played together as boys, learned together in college, served together in a college internship and college choir, and ministered in each other's pulpits.

One Sunday afternoon when were little boys, he came home with me and spent the afternoon. We lived in the country in Montgomery, AL., and enjoyed playing in the woods together with some of the other kids. This particular afternoon we went out into the woods with a neighbor friend, Ned, and had a BB gun fight. Now don't go telling our mothers about this. They wouldn't be happy.

One interesting aspect of our friendship is that I don't know of anyone any more brutally honest with me than Steve. We have had tons of laughs with each other pointing out our flaws. I guess it is a guy thing.

Bad news can come our way even when we are the most faithful servants in the Kingdom. Life is tough but God is good. I don't have easy answers for tests like this, but I know God walks with us through it all.

Pray for Steve and his precious wife, Ruth. Steve needs a miracle.

God is a miracle working God.


  1. Milton I don't know Steve, but we will be praying for him. God is able.

  2. I am lifting him up in prayer as I type this that God's Will be done here on earth with Steve as it is God's Will be done in heaven...AMEN!

  3. Nice blog you got here... Just droppin' by to say hi!