Monday, April 12, 2010


Green is a Spring color.

Look at the grass and trees and budding flowers. Green is everywhere. Yes, the purples, reds, whites, Burgundies, blues, and even some pinks color yards and gardens, but green is the subtle background.

Green is also a Master's color. The fairways at Augusta are incredibly green. The putting surfaces are magnificent, and the winner's jacket is green too.


I'm not a golfer. I don't have enough religion to play except on rare occasion. I never cuss when I hit a bad shot, but where I spit the grass dies. It actually has been years since I last played a round of golf. It was to expensive, took too long to play, and just wasn't enough fun to me. I came to the conclusion that anything so upsetting, difficult to play, and costly really shouldn't be very high on my list of priorities.

I watched parts of the Master's Golf Tournament on Saturday and Sunday. My HD TV really made the bright colors of azaleas and dogwoods stand out. The green also looked awesome. And watching Phil Michelson win was something to behold. He almost made three eagles in a row on Saturday. There was a touching moment between he and his wife after he won. She is struggling with cancer and had not been able to attend any of his tournaments until the last part of this Master's win. Their embrace after he finished his last hole made you realize what really matters in life.

Besides winning a new green jacket, the winner also collects $1.3 million from a total purse of $7.5 m. Now that is some green happening there! Second place winning was $810,000.

Earlier on the 2nd hole a leaf blew onto the putting green just after Phil putted. The leaf landed right into the path of the rolling ball and knocked it off course. It cost a stroke that could just as easily cost the tournament. It didn't

You can see the leaf appear in the sequencial pictures below. Life can throw some curves and block the green. We have to yet press forward to the better. Don't let a leaf end your dream. Phil didn't.


Sometimes life gets into the way of green.

Green. Is it a color of envy?

Green. Is it the color of money?

Green. Is it the color of environmental correctness?

Green. Is it the color of life and growth?

Green? Is it the ewe of an ill and sick stomach reflected in the face?


I love a green, smart looking yard and lawn appointed with beautiful, bright plants. Green is not a primary color, but is the mixture of yellow and blue or yellow and cyan. It sits in the background yet offering is needed color.

Don't know why I focused on green today. It is a color which God gave us. Green adds the look of flourishing life.

Wouldn't it be nice if God will add a little green in your life. Not the green envy, but some money, or growth, or a better view. I pray green will bless your day, today!

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