Monday, April 26, 2010


Life is forward. It is moving, ever in transition, and is never the same. It has one constant-change.

If you're breathing then there is some movement.

Movement means life is happening.

I visited with Mom and Dad recently and took Mom to an early Mother's Day dinner. I have the best Mom and Dad in the world. While visiting I noticed this picture inserted into the frame of one of the pictures Mom has displayed in her living room with all the family pictures. It caught my eye and as I looked closer I realized that I was the little guy on the trike was me. I was making my first move with my little sister, Norma, in tow.

Don't have a clue where we were moving or what we had in mind, but we had all our possessions on the little red wagon. I have a vague, fuzzy recollection of this even though I was probably around four or so. I took a picture of the picture with my iPhone. That is why it looks a little faded and second generation.

This picture reminded my of life's moves. Life moves. It doesn't stay in the same spot with the same people, with the same experiences, and the same opportunities. Life moves.

My goal is to move in the flow of God's will. My commitment is to move into new understandings of His will and purpose. My passion is to move with greater intensity and focus toward the eternal destiny that He has for me. I want to move with God into all that He has for me. Moving with God is all that matters.

Where are you moving?


  1. Milton, that is a very special picture of two wonderful kids. Notice the pedal blocks on the over-size tricycle. We bought oversized tricycles and bicycles and let you kids grow to their size. :) We called it, 'family economy'. :)

  2. Family economy works. I remember those blocks too.

    Love, Milton

  3. Nice Picture, Like Old Picture memory :)