Wednesday, December 30, 2009


Wanda and I are enjoying our visit to Puerto Rico to see Jennifer and family. We have had a ball playing with the kiddies and seeing the sights and sounds of this beautiful island playground. We have gone to Old San Juan at night to see the lights as well as visited the rain forrest, El Yunque.

We packed a picnic and enjoyed the water falls and hiked .7 of a mile up and down the narrow trails to a beautiful water fall.

Along the way we passed three ladies who were sitting on rocks in a flowing stream as still as still could be. Claudia wanted to know if they were statues or not. We told her that they weren't, but the ladies never moved.

I guess they were praying or meditating. Mediation is good as long as we are meditating on the Lord or good thoughts. I'm not sure what they were meditating on or if they were praying or what. The sounds of the flowing stream were soothing so I am sure they felt relaxed and at ease when they left.

El Yunque gets 10 ft. of rain each year.
10 ft of rain!

No wonder it is called a rain forrest and everything is lush and green. I slipped and fell while going down a steep trail and landed on my behind shall I say? Nothing hurt, but a little pride. As we returned back and I was approaching the spot where I fell, I watched a guy coming down and he fell right there too. It was much more funny to watch him than experience the personal pain of my fall. Well, my pride is ok and so is my behind.

Claudia and Lorenzo and such loving children. They have taken to their new NanaWanda, as they call her. Their loving hugs and kisses are going to make it very hard to return home.

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