Friday, December 4, 2009


Saturday the long awaited football game deciding the SEC Football Championship between Florida and Alabama will be played. Last year Florida won it over Alabama and a rematch is scheduled after both teams have now completed perfect regular seasons. The stakes are high for both as the winner will get a chance to play for the National Championship.


I have been a Alabama football fan ever since I was a small boy watching The Bear Bryant TV Show each Sunday afternoon during football season before heading to church. Mom would always bake a pound cake on Sunday afternoon and it would come out of the oven just in time to eat a piece while the "Bear" talked about the previous Saturday's game and how they had won. They always won and he always played down his part unless they lost which was rare. Then he always took the blame.

Even though I have lived in Florida for almost thirty years, I still root for Alabama. I do like Tim Tebow and I wish him the best, but not this Saturday. The game should be a thriller and either team could win.

If there was some way Tim Tebow could have a great game and still lose, I would be happy. I would like to see him win the Heisman Trophy, but he would probably have to have a great game and win too for that to happen.

If Alabama should lose again, I will have to face all those proud Gators in my church on Sunday. Guess I better get more prayed up so the sermon won't be affected. Just kidding. My victory in Christ and my thrill at the privilege of preaching the Gospel far exceed any football game.

Roll Tide!!!

Go Bama!!!

Now go get them Gators!!!

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