Wednesday, December 2, 2009


I believe in tithing or giving 10 % of my income to God and have practiced it from childhood. There are many reasons I know it works which begin with my personal knowledge of God's promise to tithers and how it has impacted my life.

Here is another reason:

Florida State Football Coach Bobby Bowden


Yes, you read it correctly. I another reason I believe in tithing is Coach Bobby Bowden.

I also believe in tithing because of Coach Bobby Bowden's testimony. A friend of mine, Pastor Larry Millender from Tallahassee, FL, shared with me that he had Coach Bowden speak at his church a few years back. Larry said that Coach Bowden publicly attributed his success in coaching and life to the fact that he and his wife had practiced tithing from the very beginning of their marriage. Bowden said tithing is the secret to what he had been able to do. Bowden believes that tithing is an open door to the blessings of God.

Coach Bowden announced on Tuesday that he is retiring from coaching the FSU football team after their upcoming bowl game. He has had one of the most stellar coaching careers ever in the history of college football ranking as the second all time winningest coach. That is a remarkable feat.

And he attributes his success to tithing.

Tithing works!

Try it.

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