Monday, December 7, 2009


He knelt at the end of the game with tears streaming down his face. You could see passion, agony, hurt, and loss.

Were his tears for an opportunity forever lost?


Tim Tebow, the great Florida Gator quarterback, was losing a tough fought game with my beloved Alabama Crimson Tide for the SEC Football Championship. His loss ended a dream and a chance for unusual greatness. It was tough, simply put. There would never be another opportunity to win a SEC or National Championship. For Tebow, those doors to greatness are gone. That is part of why tears slid down his cheeks.

But what opportunities are forever lost in our lives? Are we losing great moments of significant opportunity yet today? Could there be something far greater in our lives than a football championship game that we are missing?

What about moments missed with small children that will never be recovered? What about moments when God nudges us to help someone in need and we fail to respond? What about refusing to offer our best talents or encouragment or gift or monetary help and we miss the moment? What about a prayer not prayed. What about a small act of kindness to a mate or loved one that has slipped away?

Tebow wept over a forever lost opportunity yet I feel there are far more important moments that we miss. Maybe we should look again lest we weep too.

Or do we care as much as Tebow cares about football?

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