Wednesday, December 9, 2009


Does God answer every prayer of the righteous?

Here is one more thought on Tim Tebow.

Before the beginning of the second half of the SEC Football Championship Game between Florida and Alabama last Saturday, the TV camera showed Tim apparently in deep prayer. I can only imagine what he was praying. Certainly he wanted to win the game as was obvious by the tears he shed as the seconds ticked down on the clock with Florida losing. They lost and I wonder if Tim's prayers were unanswered.

So what was Tim praying and did God fail him or not answer his prayers? Again, I can only suspect what his prayers were, but I would imagine he prayed that he would play his best and ask for help. Maybe he did pray to win. I wouldn't blame him whatever he prayed.

But sometimes God just says no. Some prayers are best answered with a no even if we have other ideas and want what we want. Obviously we do not know what is best.

Has God said no to a recent prayer of yours? Maybe His answer was to wait. Maybe the answer was totally different from you request and expectations. However God chooses to answer is best. We just must simply trust Him.

Sometimes the answer is JUST NO.


  1. God doesn't play sports......i suppose (or hope) there are good Christians on both sides of the ball so God would be disappointing one team and 'answering' prayer to the other each time a sporting event occurred. God is always on the winning team, just not sports teams. God Bless.

  2. I agree God that doesn't play sports and I will admit that typically there are Christians on both sides of the ball. But a great discussion could be held on a wide range of other topics that we generally pray over. So I will leave it up to God what He does with sports prayers.

    Thanks for a great comment and thought.