Monday, August 20, 2012


I have enjoyed using my Apple products, but I have had a few frustrations lately. Some of the syncing mechanisms haven't been working the best. That has caused me to spend considerable time on the phone trying to get things back online and working correctly.

It is nice to have a cell phone, computer, and IPad that are all connected and share information. That makes life goes smoother and quicker. It generally works great, but not lately.

I think I have everything back in order, or at least I hope so.

It has taken lots of time, but even with that I can't complain. Apple products have worked extremely good for me. And, they help you on the phone and stay with you until it is fixed.

Sharing information is what the information age is all about. It happens so quickly. You can touch thousands and thousands of lives in a few moments and share incredible amounts of information between my devices. Amazing!

I love it, even when things are slow. Amazing! I'll write more on my next blog post.

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