Friday, August 24, 2012


Its been almost two months since I have ridden "Big Red" due to rain and hot weather. I also had a dear friend who lost his brother on a motorcycle accident that I will admit impacted me too. "Woody" veered off the road on a cross country ride in Nevada. I have hurt with that family in their loss. He probably had a heart attack or went to sleep and lost control.

Yet, I am riding again. It is therapeutic for me. I have to concentrate on the ride which gets everything else off my mind. I love it.

"Big Red" has just been sitting in the garage waiting to get on the road again so off I go for fun in the sun. I'm riding over to Tallahassee to see Wanda's family, mother and her daughter and sisters. Wanda has been there all week so I'll ride over and be back on Saturday.

Part of that ride is boring and part is very beautiful. I'll get off the Interstate and ride some county roads and riding in Tallahassee and that area is special, much prettier to me than Jax.

Wanda will ride with me too. I'm taking her helmet and boots and we'll tour the area.

Most of all I'll get to see Wanda sooner by riding over. I miss that Lady when she's not home. She is God's gift to me and my family. She is some gal!

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