Friday, August 3, 2012


Some things only come about by prayer coupled with fasting. That is what our Lord taught. Prayer is talking and listening to God. Fasting is giving up something you love during a time of prayer. Fasting is mostly connected to giving up food for a period of time. Our Lord fasted forty days at least one time. There are many other examples in the Bible where prayer and fasting were done.

Why pray and fast?

1. It is a show of humility and surrender to God.
2. It makes us bring the flesh under subjection and pulls us closer to God.
3. It empowers our prayers as we surrender to His will.
4. God takes note of prayer and fasting.
5. The Devil is defeated through prayer and fasting.

Through the years the Lord has led me on numerous times of fasting. I have fasted as long as ten days at one time, but more often it is much shorter than that. Sometimes a day. Other times three days or a week. Admittedly it is painful and difficult. I love to eat! When you don't eat all kinds of hurts start. Headaches, stomaches, and weakness are all impacting. Ouch!

Yet, when we wait on God with prayer and fasting, something happens in the heavens. God takes note. In the Bible whole cities and nations were spared because of prayer and fasting. Individuals saw God's hand extended to them through prayer and fasting.

If you are facing a time of difficulty and don't know what to do. Or, if you feel your prayers are being hindered. Then add prayer with fasting.

It has helped me. I have seen God's hand extended through prayer and fasting. Hard problems are cracked through prayer and fasting. Jesus said so.

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