Monday, March 19, 2012


Sunday church was different yesterday. We had Sunday church, but it was different. We had an order of worship planned. I prepared a message. Everyone was in their proper place. But, Sunday it was different.

It was different in that it was primarily a prayer service. After morning worship with singing, I called the people to the altars for a time of waiting before God. We always have prayer in our services, but not nearly long enough on Sunday mornings. This Sunday was different.

People filled the front of our sanctuary in prayerful surrender. The musicians played quietly, and the people prayed. There were totally silent moments. There were times when you could hear heart-felt cries to God. There were times when a prophetic word came.

God was in the house. I mean God was really in the house.

Yes, God is always present. I have felt His presence every Sunday.

But this Sunday we took more time to wait before Him. I saw people wipe tears. I saw people surrender to God. I saw needs being met. I saw God in the house. No, I did not see Him in the real physical sense, but I saw His work in the lives of His people.

Jesus said that God's house was to be a house of prayer. I have always strived to make it a house of prayer, but Sunday I felt even more passion for prayer, for waiting upon Him, for connecting with Him.

This Sunday was a Sunday of prayer. God talked to His people. I hope we listened.

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