Wednesday, March 7, 2012


This is the last week of training for the 15K Gate River Run. I am on the down side and headed for the home stretch. I ran 4 miles yesterday over the Acosta and Main St. bridges. The good news is that I felt great and was ready to run more.

This has been a 3 month training process for me. I have actually run for a number of years, and I ran the River Run last year. This is my 6th run.

For a 62 year old, I feel like I have done fairly well. I haven't lost the weight that I was hoping to lose, but I can say that I have lost weight and turned fat into muscle. The bad news is that I still have too much fat to lose.

I hope to keep this schedule going, and lose the other 15 pounds. That is my goal.

What have I gained?

I feel better. I am stronger. I have lost weight.

We only have one body. We don't get another until we get to heaven. So, my thought is to try to take as good of care of the one body that I have. Running helps.

Do I love to run?


Then why do I run?

I run because it is the fastest way I know to get exercise.

I have two more short runs before the 15K. I am on the down side. Yea!

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  1. It's funny I don't enjoy running Either but I LOVE how I feel when it's over and that's one reason I run so early so I can enjoy that feeling all day!