Monday, March 5, 2012


U.S. 1 runs through Jacksonville, Fl, going North and South. I saw where it begins and ends on our resent motorcycle trip to Key West.

We were walking toward the downtown after parking our motorcycles. After walking a few blocks I saw a sign where U.S. 1 ends. I stopped to take a picture.

After enjoying downtown Key West, we headed back toward our motorcycles. Then I saw another sign. This one read, "Beginning of U.S. 1. It was right across the street from the sign that said end of U.S 1.

The signs were across the street from each other. U.S 1 began and ended at the same spot. Well, I know that the highway ended hundreds of miles from there, but you could see the beginning and end on the same block.

Here is the point: God really is the beginning and the end. It all starts and stops with Him.

He is Alpa and Omega, The Beginning and The End. He is the start and the finish.

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