Wednesday, April 20, 2011


Our minds can be programed. We can preset and predetermine how we will think and act and react. We do it by what we feed our minds and what we chose to think. Wrong programing leads to wrong results. Right programing leads to right results. It is really that simple.

This past Sunday morning, Wanda asked me to preset our oven to delay cooking to turn on the oven on around noon for 1 hour. She wanted our lunch to pre-cook and be ready when we arrived home from church. I followed the instructions for delayed cooking and preset all the buttons. Thankfully she doubled checked. I hadn't properly programed the oven. I set the oven to come on 12 hours later rather than just 3 hours. Lunch would have been cold and awful if she had not caught my error in programing.

Too often we preset our minds for the wrong thinking. We have put the wrong things in and we get the wrong things out. What goes in is what will come out. Right programing leads to right results.

How many tragedies have occurred because of wrong settings? How many scars are made because of wrong thought processes that led to bad endings? How many lives have been broken because flawed, sinful values?

I made a preset correction and the food was delicious. I took instruction from my beautiful wife. I re-read the instruction manual and made a pre-set adjustment. I wasn't hard-headed or stubborn or proud. It saved lunch. The spaghetti caracole was fantastic.

Do you have a flawed pre-set mindset? Read the manual again. Read God's Word. Set your mind on things above. Things will work out better for you on earth.


  1. Now you must post the recipe for spaghetti caracole! Sounds delish.

  2. It is incredible! Yummy! I will post it if Wanda will give it to me.