Monday, April 4, 2011


Wanda and I celebrated our second anniversary this past weekend. It is April 3. Two years have passed quickly. We have so much to be thankful for. God has truly blessed us.

There are many ways to share your love with your mate. One way is to give romantic cards. Wanda love that and I get her cards from time to time including special occasions.

We enjoyed going off Friday for a trip up to St. Simon's Island, Ga. Big Red was raring to go so off we road to the north.

Both of us had agreed not to spend any extra money since we were doing a trip and eating out. But that doesn't mean not sharing a romantic card.

I took Wanda out for dinner Sunday evening too, as that is our anniversary. On the way to dinner, I stopped by CVS Drug Store and asked her to go in with me. I told her to wait at the door, and I went in to the card section and pulled out a number of really romantic, anniversary cards. Then I took her to the card section and read all of them too her. She laughed and was caught off guard. It was funny, but special as I read them to her out loud.

Yes, I did have a card I purchased for her, but I thought reading a number of them to her was neat. Wanda is God's gift to me. I am blessed!

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