Friday, April 15, 2011


Life eventually offers crisis. It comes in many forms. It touches all. The rain hits everyone.

What do you do when crisis hits?

The options are numerous. Crumble. Quit. Cower.


Faith surely is tested at crisis moments. Courage must be pulled forward. Fear has to be faced. Vision to see through and beyond the clouds is challenged.

Where does your help come from? How do you muster strength again? When will it end? What will be the outcome?

I have faced crisis, and I have counseled untold people in and through crisis. Crisis is never easy, but it can have eternal impact for good or bad. As believers, we know that God can take everything and work it together for good. That is easy to say, and a lot tougher to live out.

How do you face crisis?

One day at a time.
Trust and trust some more.
Sit in His presence.
Read God's Word
Obey God.
Strip away what doesn't matter.
Worship even when there is no feeling.
Hang on.
Hang on some more.
Do what you know to do.
Sit in solitude before Him.
Open your heart to caring friends.
Look up.
Take one small step at at time.
Receive His peace.
Tune outside noise off.
Find something good to do for someone.
Don't dwell on self.
Don't give way to self-pity.
Rise in His Strength.
Count your blessings.
Look at the needs of others.
Move slowly through the storm.
Look for daybreak.
Give God glory.
Find the good.
Go forward.

There is more to be done, but God works through crisis. Let Him.

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