Monday, April 11, 2011


These last days have been hectic. From sermon preparation, to counseling, to comforting, to funerals, to church services, to camping with our young boys, I have been busy.

This past weekend I spent Friday night with some of our young guys at a camp-out. Our Royal Rangers went to the state boys Pow Wow just south of Ft. Meade, Fl. It was a great event as the boys enjoyed all kinds of outdoors activities.

Sleeping in a tent on the floor doesn't cut it for me so I took a small mattress. That made the ground some softer, but not much.

Our commander had a well put together campsite even with hot water. Take a look at it. It worked great. That is not a still.

Mark and Cole were there too with their church from Lakeland and stayed about 30 yards or so from our campsite. We got to spend a few moments together.The great outdoors are fun. Fresh air, singing birds, and camp fires are refreshing. It was a super time.

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  1. Hey Big Brother. Tim was there too. He said he wished he had known he would have hooked up with you.
    hope to see you soon.