Friday, April 1, 2011


This Sunday Wanda and I will celebrate our second wedding anniversary. We were married two years ago in Bartow, Fl., in the church where I pastored years ago. Quickly these two years have passed. It has been amazing.

What can I say about Wanda after two years of marriage?

She is a gift from the Lord.
She is incredibly kind and thoughtful.
She loves me.
She loves our children.
She loves our grandchildren.
She loves our family.
She loves our church family.
She is a wonderful cook and homemaker.
She is an incredible pastor's wife.
She is gifted and talented in many ways.
She keeps a smile on my face.
She is a blessing.

We fell in love over the phone before our first date. We knew from the beginning that God had put us together. It has been an amazing blessing to both of us.

The first year she loved me and waited patiently as I still had to work through grief.
I helped her adjust to moving to a new city away from long time friends and family.
We grew in love and knowledge of each other.

Both of us are relatively mature, underline the word relatively, so our adjustments probably were not as hard as our in our first marriages. Yet, there are set ways that older folks tend toward so that offset some of our maturity.

We took advice of our marriage counselor. He said that when you marry the first time you leave your mother and your father. When you marry a second time, you leave your first spouse. You still love your mother and father and you still have love for your first spouses, but you leave them to go to the new that God has for you. We have done that though we both honor and esteem the wonderful mates we enjoyed in our first marriages.

The adjustments continue for us and for our children, but God is good and He has blessed us. We have been married a total 71 years, just two years to each other.

God is good. I love you Wanda and thank God for you every day.

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