Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Wanda and I are away for a few days riding "Big Red" in the Smoky Mountains with a couple, Jim and Judy, from our church. Jim is an experienced motorcyclist and is also a motorcycle safety instructor. He is a great guy to have on my "first" long distance ride, and he has been mentoring me for almost a year now. What a blessing!

We rode from Jacksonville to Dublin, Ga., and had a super ride except for the last 25 miles or so and had to ride in the rain. With rain gear we're okay in the bad weather. It is just the issues that we have to deal with as the rain makes it tougher to ride safely. From Dublin we rode on up to Robbinsville, NC. Our almost 500 miles trip up was great other than those few rain showers.

Our nightly base is in Robbinsville, as we have made one day trip out to the Scenic Hwy, and then to the Joyce Kilmer Memorial Forest, and then to Deals Gap which is the base of The Dragon's Tail, and then over to Fontana Dam, and then a quick stop on the Nantahala River for dinner, and then to home base. All in all we rode about 175 miles snaking all around the Smokies.

No. I didn't do the Dragon's Tail which is over 318 curves in about 11 miles, but we did a bunch of curves on our 175 miles. Whew!

The weather was great! The only issue was a little fog at the highest point of travel on the Scenic Hwy. Otherwise it was super.

So why would you ride by motorcycle from Jacksonville, FL. to the Smokies at my age? That is a very good question.

It is something that Wanda and I enjoy doing together. I drive. She prays! Well, actually we both pray, but we have loads of fun seeing the sights, and stopping at odd places, finding neat places to eat, and enjoying the sights, smells, and sounds of riding free.

I never, never, never thought I would be doing such a thing. Some of my friends have been at me for years to motorcycle with them, but I thought they were crazy. I never planned on riding with them or anyone else, but life changes. We all change and do things we never dreamed.

Here are a few pictures of our day.



  1. Nice pictures - thank you for sharing. Continue to have fun and be safe

    Kevin & Tamatha Jones

  2. Nothing like riding a GoldWing! Enjoy it Cuz. Hopefully one day we can make a trip together.

  3. Hey, George, that would be a fun trip. Let's make it happen one day before we're too old to hold the Goldwing up! Ha! That might be sooner for me than you as I am a little older.

  4. I have followed Kristie's blog and now your blog for quite a while and I wanted to ask you to keep this young family in prayer. This missionary and his wife just had their third child and she has been diagnosed with brain cancer. They need so much prayer and support and I thought of you - knowing your heart as a pastor and the road this young family is walking down. Here is their blog:

  5. Rhonda: I will be praying today for this family. God grace is the only comfort, help. and strength in situations like this. May God bring healing to this precious little one.