Wednesday, May 5, 2010


Where's Barney when you need him?

Oh, the picture is of the police station in Carrabelle, Fl., where I served as pastor of First Assembly of God 35 years ago. I know I don't look that old. Actually I was only 12. Ha!

Really, this phone booth was the actual police station when I lived there. The police chief parked his car next to the phone booth, and when someone had a need they would call the phone booth number. Barney would jump out of the car, take the call, and he and the chief would take off to deal with the problem. Of course Barney had to get his bullet out of his shirt pocket before facing any bad guys.

The other picture here is of my sweetheart standing in front of a sand sculpture in downtown Carrabelle. We had a super time visiting and ministering for the First Assembly in Carrabelle. They made me feel so special and loved.

I learned a lot while living there. I preached my first funeral, performed my first wedding, had my first baptismal service, had my first baby dedication, dedicated the first church sanctuary, and my first child was born there. Wow, that is a lot of firsts.

Life passes quickly in this world. I know we will live forever, but our time here on earth is truly as a vapor that fleetingly passes into the wind. How did all those years go by so fast? Oh well, I have a long ways to go yet. I must make every day count.

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