Wednesday, May 26, 2010


I am not an early morning kind of guy. College life ruined that many years ago. We stayed up too much and too late for too long to have effective early mornings. Not every one is an early riser. Who likes worms anyhow?

But early mornings are coming some easier. I am learning to love early morning walks with Wanda followed by some strong coffee and lite breakfast. Then we take our devotional book read some Scripture, join hands, and spend several minutes praying for each other and those close to us.

Prayer is a great way to begin a day. What could be better than a few moments in the presence of The King? Prayer changes life. It makes the day better. It removes ruff edges and smooths ragged places. Prayer softens the heart and helps release selfishness. It places Christ in the proper place, and it becomes a huge reservoir of strength.

I love praying with Wanda and having someone join in faith with me. When we have a strong, faithful partner in prayer, it multiplies our faith and effectualness.

Early mornings with Jesus and my closest friend are incredible faith-builders.

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