Monday, May 17, 2010


There is a place for anger, and there is a proper way to deal with anger. Anger that leads to sin reaps a whirlwind of bad consequences. That kind of anger is wrong. Yes, sin is real, and yes sin hurts. It leaves scars that last a lifetime and brings eternal consequences unless cover by the Blood of Jesus.

So what am I angry about?

I am fighting mad at what the Devil is doing to harm, destroy, and ruin lives. I am mad at his lying, false promising claims. I am mad at his cunning deceit and ruthless ways.

Oh, he talks and good talk and boasts of incredible rewards, but the end is always hurt, shame, and brokenness. I am angry that the world and government leaders for opening the doors for even more of sin's sinister ways. I am angry that so many lives are being brutalized by Satan's crafty but ugly ways.

What shall I do about my anger?

I shall preach the Word with greater conviction, pray harder, let my light shine, expose the works of the Devil every chance I can, and most of all let Jesus shine. This isn't the time to shrink back, play dead, roll over or passively float down stream with the rest of the dead mackerels.

This is the time to boldly stand in the life and power of Jesus Christ. This is the time to exercise greater faith. This is the time to rebuke Satan, to resist him, and to stand in authority over him in the Name of Jesus Christ.

Satan is real. He is a real lier. He is the father of all lies.

But He is defeated in the name of Jesus. It is time to let our anger find energy and release in the power of the Holy Spirit.

My prayer today is:


I take authority over you now in The Name of Jesus and bind your lying, blinding, deceitful spirits. You have no place nor authority over God's people. In Jesus Name, I command that you go and your power be broken over anyone who reads this blog. You shall have no place in their house. You are defeated, and your power will not stand.

I speak life and peace in Jesus Name.


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  1. I had a long conversation with someone today about the same thing. It is an hour where we must stand and teach the truth.