Friday, May 14, 2010


Are you ever forgetful? Does your memory fail you? Do you ever feel like you have information overload? Every where I turn it seems that more and more bombards me from computers to Iphones to TV to mail and junk mail to Text messages, and then there is Facebook.

I tease my younger church staff members that the reason older folks don't remember so much is that we know lots of stuff to forget. Younger folks don't know anything to forget. HA! That's my excuse, and I'm sticking with it.

Have you ever lost your glasses to find them on the top of your head?

Have you looked for your keys to find them in your hand?

Have you ever handed your cell phone to someone and while they are talking on it begin to look for it to make another call.

I know you have left the house only to wonder if you put the garage door down.

Or did you leave home and then question about the iron being turned off?

Or did you go to Walmart and get everything but what you went there to get.

How about names? Ever forget a family members name?

Sometimes I feel like life is too crowded, complex, and confusing. Maybe it is time to simplify and close a few doors to focus on the higher priorities. I try daily to keep the first things first and prioritize from the top down, but the lower list gets busier and busier.

Speed devices do help me accomplish more than I ever could imagine. I really don't want to live without a computer, Iphone, TV, or similar devices.

Maybe I'll take a information break.

It think I feel my brain remembering again.

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