Friday, May 7, 2010



Real joy. Pure joy.

Heavenly, holy, sweet joy.

It is more than laughter, deeper than a cute funny, and broader than a wide smile. Joy is a product of hope. It is the fruit of the presence of God, and it is from the wellspring of God's Spirit.

It is exceeds mere happy feelings, and it moves beyond the mood of the moment. It comes from above and goes far within. Joy from heaven doesn't fade when life hurts, friends fail, and trials increase. Joy from heaven lifts us above clouds of human despair. It becomes the partner of peace. It marks our souls with a witness of God's light.

Joy comes in the morning. It is the shout of salvation, and the glory of God's holiness. It is the internal energy of emotional cleansing.

Tears are the seeds of joy. Joy is the harvest of tendered eyes. Brokenness is the predicate for morning's glory and joy's release.

It is found in the connection between God and the fulfillment of His plan. It goes deeper, deeper, and then deeper still while yet lifting us towards eternity's call.

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