Friday, March 26, 2010


To feel love is a wonderful thing. To know that someone really cares and loves you and goes way out of the way to make sure you know they love you is an incredible gift.

Love is what love does. Love does....

Tuesday when I arrived home riding "Big Red," I went to open the garage at the outside garage key pad and found a pink sticky note with an "I love you note" stuck to the opener from Wanda.

Then I took my helmet off to place it on the shelf in the garage and found another "I love you note...." As I walked into the house to put my keys up there was another note. And on to my walk-in closet to find another one, and one on the my mirror, and one stuck inside a pair of shoes she knew I was going to change into, and then one in a shirt I was going to wear, and one in the my medicine cabinet, and others strategically placed yet to be found.

Now what do you think that made me feel like?

Some of them read:

I love you because we enjoy doing things together....

I love you because you help keep the house clean and my job easier.

I love you because you always want to look clean! You are one good looking man.

I love you because you are a loving caring pastor and husband.

I love I love you walk in others shoes and care for them.

I love you because you put away your dirty clothes.

I love you because you come home and love me.

I love you because you have devotions and pray with me every day.

I love you because.....

When I came home and began to read these notes, one by one as I found the place all over the house, I was thankful that I had stopped "Big Red" before getting home to buy Wanda some flowers. The flowers in hand let her know that I love her too!

Next week we will be married one year. The honeymoon continues.

Love is what love does.


  1. Thank you for this post. I was randomly browsing blogs on blogspot and this post reminded me to take some time out to let my husband know how much I love him.


  2. Aww..what a sweet story :) Happy anniversary to both of you!