Monday, March 29, 2010


Revenge is a no, no in marriage.

How can you love someone and have a desire for revenge to get even when your spouse irritates you or hurts you? It is impossible.

Did you hear about the wife who never got upset or angry when her husband treated her badly?

Finally her husband questioned her, "You never get mad or angry at me when I hurt you."

"That's right," she said.

"Why? What do you do," he asked?

"I go clean the toilet," she replied.

"You go clean the toilet. Why do you do that," he asked?

The wife responded, "I don't get mad, but I just go clean the toilet with your toothbrush."


Not good.

That is not love.

Love is a continuous pursuit. You have to keep chasing it and then chase it some more and then go after it again.

Mark Gungor says that love in marriage is like chasing a slippery pig. You catch it and then it squeals and slips away, and the chase starts again.

Now don't go cleaning toilets with toothbrushes. Revenge and love do not go together.

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