Wednesday, March 3, 2010


Thousands of bikers are in Daytona Beach, Fl., this week to do what biker's do. If you get on I-95 going south from Jacksonville, you will see literally scores and sometimes into the hundreds of bike's going and coming from the East/Central Coast of Florida.

Monday I rode down on my Goldwing to visit a group of Christian bikers who have set up a station to give free bike washes and free oil changes. They have a super setup and have done this for years as a witnessing tool to share God's love.

When I pulled in to the parking lot where they were setup, at first none of them recognized me. Then the leader came over and they proceeded to give Big Red and thorough washing. It really glowed when they got through. They even feed me lunch.

After washing my bike, they asked if they could pray for me and proceeded to offer up a faith-filled prayer for God's blessings over my life and safety when riding my motorcycle. They pray with all the biker's if they will let them.

People need the Lord and we need to be more passionate to share God's love and grace. It works.

On my way back to Jax, I stopped at Dunkin' Doughnut in St. Augustine for a moment. Just as I sat down a couple came in and the man really liked my bike. They sat with me and the next thing I know, the Lord opened the door to witness to them. I shared my journey of faith and told how God brought Wanda into my life and what had happened to Kristy. They sat with tears and said that I needed to write this story. I mentioned Kristy's blog and eagerly the wife said she would read it as soon as they got home.

Sharing faith and God's goodness is wonderful! People need the Lord and we need to be faithful to share God's love.

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